Events for all Internationals in The Hague

In addition to international newcomers, The Hague international Centre also helps internationals who have been living in The Hague for a longer period of time.

On the website of The Hague International Centre there is a lot of information on, for example, relocation, health care and education. Recently, The Hague International Centre has also started organising monthly seminars: CONNECT events.

Every year, more than 4,500 new internationals come to the Hague region. In total, more than 60,000 internationals live and work in The Hague, in various sectors such as embassies, NGOs, universities and multinationals. The Hague International Centre is the first point of contact for these people who can have all sorts of questions and challenges to overcome.

What Are CONNECT Events?

During the CONNECT events, other municipal departments and partner organisations give presentations on a certain subject, such as health care, leisure and housing. These seminars supplement the information from the website and deal with frequently asked questions.

The first CONNECT event in March concerned taxes. Speakers from the municipal tax department provided information on municipal taxes. Additionally, a tax advisor spoke about special arrangements for expats.

Stephanie, employee of The Hague International Centre, commented on the convenience of DigiD: “Knowledge and conditions that often seem logical and self-evident to Dutch people are not always so self-evident to people who have not been living in the Netherlands for very long. We provide this information during the CONNECT events, and that is greatly appreciated.”

'Incredibly informative, educational and useful. I can recommend anyone with questions about a specific topic to visit a CONNECT event'


Housing and Other Services

Housing was the topic at the CONNECT event in April. A bank, a relocator and a real estate agent shared their knowledge about renting and buying a house in the Hague region, as well as about mortgages and neighbourhoods.

One of the participants commended the event with a 9, stating that it was “incredibly informative, educational and useful. I can recommend anyone with questions about a specific topic to visit a CONNECT event.”

Upcoming Event

On September 19, The Hague International Centre will organise its fifth CONNECT event, on health care. Dutch health care is among the very best in the world, although it may take some time to get used to it. The event helps familiarise you with the Dutch health care system. Find out what to do with your health insurance, and how the health care system works in the Netherlands and The Hague region in particular. You can register for this event on the website of The Hague International Centre.

CONNECT Events as a Supplement to Services

The CONNECT events are a welcome addition to the services and information provided by The Hague International Centre. The services include the registration of new internationals and assistance with applying for a citizen service number (BSN), a work permit and a residence permit. The website contains a lot of information on topics that are important for internationals.

More Information?

The Hague International Centre is a unique collaboration with partners inside and outside the municipality of The Hague. For more information, visit, make an appointed or simply walk into the centre.