Little Star Fitness

If you happen to stroll through Vondelpark near Emmalaan on a Saturday morning, you will probably hear the sounds of children laughing and running around, soaking up the sunshine whilst they learn about and develop their sporting skills.

This is Little Star Fitness, the hottest craze that both parents and children are loving right now. This forward-thinking business offers children classes in sports, dance, aerial silks, circus and nutrition. In addition to their educational classes, they also offer party entertainment and holiday camps. The founder and owner of Little Star Fitness, Michelle Murphy, developed this innovative program based on her 10-year experience in teaching PE and personal training. Growing up in Australia, she knew first-hand the importance, for children, of learning and playing outdoors. Michelle knew how much the children of Amsterdam would benefit from a program that gives them the opportunity to improve their fine and gross motor skills, co-ordination and rhythm whilst being outdoors in the fresh air. Five years on, Michelle expanded Little Star fitness by partnering up with TK Roberts, who further strengthened the programs with her extensive background in gymnastics and aerial acrobatics.

Children who participate in regular physical activity develop not only teamwork and leadership skills, but also receive a boost in self-esteem, experience stress relief, and develop life-long healthy lifestyle habits.

Little Star Fitness offers seven different programs all year round. Their sports classes are offered to children aged 2-12 years. Whether it be football, rugby, tennis, hockey, golf, softball or athletics, the sessions are pure fun and absolutely enjoyed by everyone. From May to October, you will find the children in Vondelpark – during the colder months the program is delivered indoors on several locations throughout Amsterdam.

The Groovers dance class, which focuses on a variety of disciplines, is taught on weekend mornings in Amsterdam Zuid. Each session is filled with specific dance technique, games, music and endless amounts of fun. Skills such as body co-ordination and expression, musical rhythm, relation time lapse-move, balance and concentration are developed.

The Acro circus and Aerial Silks classes are the most recent additions to their program. Unique in itself, the Aerial Silks class is a specialized class for children aged 7-12. Aerial Silks is a form of aerial acrobatics that allows one to climb in, and do many tricks from, two large fabrics suspended from the ceiling. The children learn many fun skills and techniques in order to master the silks safely and effectively. In this class, they gain strength, flexibility and endurance. They also have fun creating their own routines and playing games in order to learn proper technique. The Acro Stars class is designed for children aged 4-12. The children explore a variety of circus skills, such as aerial silks, juggling, handstands, hula hooping, trapeze and tumbling. Circus is a great way to further develop the essentials of any physical activity: strength, coordination, balance and flexibility.


'Regular physical activity fosters teamwork and leadership skills, while giving a boost to self-esteem, lowering stress, and fostering life-long healthy lifestyle habits'

Complementing their class programs, the team also offers party entertainment and holiday camps – both indoor and outdoor throughout the year.

If you are looking for a fun, innovative and educational program for your children, then Little Star Fitness is the place to be. Whether your child’s interest lies in sports, dance, circus or aerial silks, the team at Little Star Fitness is there to cater for all levels and experience.

Head to their website to find out more, or chat to Michelle and TK to find the answer to any questions you may have.

Little Star Fitness